The Benefits of a Lifetime

With some wedding lists, the honeymoon starts before the ceremony! That’s right! Khoury Home’s Wedding List is hassle-free, stress-free, and comes with plenty of benefits

Pay For Your Couple
Pay For Your Couple
How Can I Apply?

Visit any Khoury Home branch and an accounting manager will be happy to assist you, or fill this form


Thank you for choosing Khoury Home for your Wedding List. You will find herein all the benefits along with the terms and conditions for opening a Wedding List account at Khoury Home. Please read this document carefully.


By choosing to open a Wedding List account at Khoury Home, you can enjoy the below benefits:

– Money can be deposited into your Wedding List account online through (international cards accepted only), or in-store at: Dora – Jnah – Rabieh – Mkalles – Ghazir.

– Khoury Home will send you a free-of-charge SMS to instantly notify you of any amount transferred to your account. We will also send any guest depositing money a “Thank You” SMS on your behalf.

– You can request a Statement of Account at any Khoury Home branch.

Exclusive discounts: 15% OFF on all Khoury Home and La Maison products. (excluding offers and promotions)

Terms and conditions:

The Wedding List total amount collected can be reimbursed to the couple – after three (3) months period from the date of opening of the wedding list account.  (e.g. one (1) month prior to the wedding and two (2) months after the wedding. Following the three months period, the couple may request the payment of their wedding list account, and be paid within 10 working days of making a request to Khoury Home through cash, check or bank transfer if the payment will be made within the Lebanese territory.

All wedding list amounts shall be reimbursed and paid to the couple by Khoury Home as follows:

  • Fresh cash deposits (USD/EURO/LBP): Khoury Home will reimburse the amount in fresh cash as received.
  • Card LBP/USD: Khoury Home will reimburse the amount as received.
  • Online payments: We accept only international cards – We will reimburse the amount in fresh cash as received.

A minimum of 15% of the total wedding list amount needs to be spent at Khoury Home and La Maison branches.

The payment of the wedding list account shall be executed exclusively to the beneficiary.

The wedding List account will remain open for 2 months following the actual wedding date, unless agreed otherwise

Pay For Your Couple

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