Did you buy? Let’s warrant it

Thank you for your purchase from Khoury Home; we hope you are enjoying your new product! We would like to remind you that at Khoury Home, we are always here to help, even after you have left our store. Each product you buy from Khoury Home has passed through the most rigorous quality assurance process, however, mishaps can happen. With this warranty, you are entitled to free after sales services, which include parts & labor coverage on the mentioned product(s). To benefit from this warranty, first make sure that the defect is by reason of improper workmanship and/or material, and is in accordance with the “warranty terms and conditions”, which are mentioned on the backside of your warranty

Warranty terms and conditions
  • Khoury Home warrants the product (s) listed on the front of your warranty card to be free from defects in material and workmanship, within the warranty period, starting from the delivery date of the product (s), under normal use. After this period, you may be charged for any service / labor, adjustment or spare parts.
  • The warranty is valid only in Lebanon for products purchased from Khoury Home
  • This warranty card should be presented in case a claim needs to be made. But do not fret, in case this warranty was lost, the original invoice or receipt can be presented instead.
  • Should some service parts need to be ordered from overseas, the time required for replacement might be longer than ordinary conditions.
  • This warranty does not cover the following:
    • Regular use of the consumable parts such as plastic parts, heads, antennas, broken parts, remote controls, switches, handles, burned lamps, or damage caused by the fluctuation of the electric current.
    • Accessories such as carrying cases, batteries, adapters…
    • Malfunction or damage due to lightning, natural disaster, military operations, aesthetic modification, defect caused by accident, negligence, abuse, misuse or irregular use, transportation and improper voltage.
    • Malfunction or damage due to wrong or excessive use of the product.
    • Items repaired, improperly installed, tampered with or serviced by any unauthorized party.
    • Items or warranty certificates in which the serial number has been altered or removed.
    • Software issues
    • Cases of rust from misuse
  • All spare parts and repair services are free under your warranty, with the exception of the terms stated in clause number 5 above.
  • Transportation fees are free of charge only during the first year, starting from the delivery date. However, if no problem/malfunction/defect was found, the customer will be charged those fees. After this period, these charges are to be covered by the client according to the transportation/region scale set by the company.
  • If upon purchase you decide to defer your official invoice for two months from your actual purchase date, your warranty validity will be effective as of the two months of the consignment.
  • In case of product malfunction, your warranty guarantees that the product will be inspected and repaired for free.